Post-Exhibition Report: 9th  AirVentec China

Exhibition Review

The 9th AirVentec China concluded successfully after three days at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center on June 5, 2024. This event, renowned as a premier professional exhibition in the domestic indoor air purification industry, showcased the latest innovations and attracted significant participation.


Exhibitors: The exhibition featured 270 exhibitors, presenting a wide range of products including air purification/disinfection equipment, fresh air systems/ventilation equipment, humidification and dehumidification equipment, supporting products for air purification/fresh air, and indoor air treatment solutions.

Collaborations: To foster industry growth, the exhibition partnered with 65 industry associations, 108 professional media outlets, and WieTec. This collaboration aimed to enhance the exhibition’s reach and impact.

Attendance: The event drew 111,444 professional attendees, including agents, importers, exporters, engineering companies (municipal/construction/mechanical and electrical installation), design institutes (municipal/construction), decoration professionals, and end users (real estate, property, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls). This marked a 12% increase in visitors compared to the previous year.

Concurrent Events: The 9th AirVentec China was held alongside Watertech China, Flowtech China, and Comforteco China. These concurrent events created a comprehensive showcase, offering a one-stop resource sharing and trade platform.

Special Exhibition Areas: Featured special zones included the “Ultra-low Energy Consumption Building Technology Experience Center” and the “Luxury Home Comfort System Experience Center,” highlighting cutting-edge technology and solutions for the industry.

The 2024 edition of AirVentec China not only continued its tradition of excellence but also expanded its influence and impact, contributing to the ongoing development of the indoor air purification industry.

Exhibitor Lineup


Exhibit Category


Exhibitor Survey


Exhibitor Message:

1. Over the years, the partnership between AirVentec China and Dinaike has showcased the exhibition’s significant influence and professional services as a crucial platform for industry exchanges. This collaboration has also highlighted Dinaike’s continuous exploration and innovation within the industry.

Dinaike’s advancements, from the N+ whole-house smart ventilation system to the pioneering multi-connected full-air radiation system, have consistently leveraged unique technical advantages and functional features. These innovations address the diverse demands for improved indoor air quality, demonstrating Dinaike’s commitment to creating healthy and comfortable living spaces.

During the exhibition, the organizers’ professional and meticulous service received unanimous praise from many exhibitors, including us. They provided an excellent display platform and demonstrated a deep understanding and full support for exhibitors’ needs in every detail. We look forward to future collaborations to jointly elevate industry standards.

2. Driven by technological innovation, Jingsong Environment specializes in air treatment, aiming to provide a livable environment. The company offers a range of products, including ventilation systems, dehumidification systems, five-constant systems, precision air conditioners, direct expansion air conditioning units, and air disinfection machines, catering to both residential and commercial applications.

Since 2018, Jingsong Environment has participated in AirVentec China. The exhibition’s professionalism and service have consistently earned high praise from the industry. Each year brings new surprises, fostering new connections and providing insights into industry trends. It also serves as a reunion platform for long-time associates. We wish AirVentec China continued success and growth.

3. After two years, Aidis returned to AirVentec China, debuting with a refreshed brand concept, cutting-edge technology iterations, and elegant designs. This year, Aidis introduced a series of optimized ventilation solutions, enabling thousands of households across China to enjoy the natural purity of mountain and forest air indoors and appreciate clean, beautiful air in various settings.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers for the media invitations and the hospitality of the exhibition group. The popularity of the Aidis booth was overwhelming, and the leaders from our French headquarters visited and gave high praise. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

4. Our company participated in WieTec for the first time, where we unveiled our new product—the Reair Air Magic Box (plasma air purifier). Our innovative plasma technology and stylish product design attracted considerable attention from attendees. Compared to similar exhibitions we’ve attended, our booth traffic increased by 50%, which was very satisfying. The organizers provided exceptional services for first-time exhibitors, and the policy support was excellent. We look forward to participating again next year.

VIP Buyer Club

WieTec – Thousands of Buyers Supply-and-Demand Matchmaking Meeting, created by the organizers of WieTec, aims to provide a precise, efficient, and diverse procurement exchange platform for buyers. By leveraging the WEF’s high-quality supplier database of over 10,000 entries, this initiative customizes matches based on specific purchasing needs, fostering in-depth communication between suppliers and buyers and offering a new, enhanced purchasing service experience.

In the lead-up to AirVentec China, the organizers extended a targeted invitation to buyers from domestic and international distributors, traders, engineering companies, design agencies, and more. This attracted executives responsible for engineering, procurement, equipment, and technology to the exhibition for face-to-face meetings and procurement discussions. The event successfully invited nearly 4,578 VIP industry buyers, including 419 overseas buyers, and facilitated over 1,800 online and offline procurement matches.

New Product Launch

The 9th AirVentec China spotlights solutions for indoor purification and ventilation systems aimed at building energy conservation. Leading companies in the industry are specially invited to share and explain their new products. The conference will showcase the latest innovations and technical solutions, including indoor air conditioning, whole-house air management, intelligent air circulation control, high-efficiency filtration and disinfection, and commercial space air treatment.

Aldes – New Product Launch: “At the Heart of Buildings”

Founded in Europe in 1925, the French Aldes Group embraces its new corporate philosophy, “At the heart of buildings – the new (heart) of architecture,” in 2024. Dedicated to customer-centricity, Aldes strengthens its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) while deepening its corporate culture with the ethos “Progress is in the air.”

Aldes introduced a new system solution at the 9th AirVentec China, drawing significant attention and enthusiastic reception from attendees. Executives from Aldes France headquarters visited the exhibition site to show their support for the event:

Mr. Stanislas Lacroix, CEO of the French Aldes Group

Mr. Frédéric Giraudet, Executive Vice President of AMEA of the French AldesGroup

Mr. Pierre Buxeda, Managing Director of Aldes China

This initiative underscores Aldes’ commitment to innovation and excellence in enhancing indoor air quality and architectural environments globally.

Real Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – Launch of “Little Magic Box Air Purifier”

Real Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., an innovative leader in the air treatment industry, unveiled its colorful limited edition of the “Little Magic Box Air Purifier” at the exhibition. The company showcased a range of plasma air purifiers, engaging in technology exchanges and practical application discussions with numerous industry partners and exhibitors.

Real’s plasma air purification technology, coupled with its innovative design and stylish appearance, captivated attendees, sparking meaningful conversations and garnering widespread attention and acclaim. Featuring high-energy plasma patented technology, Real’s products boast efficient formaldehyde and odor removal, energy efficiency, long-lasting core components, and versatile product applications.

This innovation addresses a critical gap in the domestic high-energy plasma purifier market, catering to diverse indoor environments such as schools, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, and pet facilities.

Bo Le Environmental Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. – New Product Launch

Established in Bavaria, Germany in 1900, Bo Le Environmental Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has upheld a century-old reputation for superior quality. With a steadfast dedication to continuous product research and development, Bo Le remains a leader in its field.

At the 2024 AirVentec China, Bo Le showcased a range of new products that captured the attention of industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their professional product lineup and deep technical expertise were on display, drawing admiration from attendees. Highlights included central ventilation fans, all-in-one ventilation dehumidification systems, ventilation fans, and duct fans. These exhibits provided a comprehensive overview of Bo Le’s cutting-edge products and technologies.

The 9th AirVentec China concluded successfully at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, highlighting innovations in indoor air purification. With a significant increase in attendance and notable collaborations, the exhibition served as a pivotal platform for industry leaders to unveil cutting-edge solutions. This event not only showcased advancements in air quality technology but also fostered meaningful industry connections, setting a dynamic tone for future innovations and growth in the sector.