Exhibits Range

Point of Use/Entry

Whole House Water Purification Systems, Water Purification Equipment, Community Water Stations, Water Purification Parts, Hydrogen-rich Water, Hydrogen-rich Water Machines, Direct Drinking Water Pipelines, Water Dispensers, Under-sink Water Purifiers, Water Purification Accessories, etc.

Air Ventilation

Fresh Air Systems, Air Purification/Disinfection Equipment, Central Air Conditioning, Constant Temperature and Humidity Systems, Air Purification/Ventilation Support Products, etc.

Building Pipelines

Metal/Plastic Pipes and Fittings, Copper Water Valves and Stainless Steel Water Valves, Building Drainage Systems, Household Electrical Wires, etc.

HVAC and Comfort Systems

Heat Pump Systems, Wall-Hanging Furnace Systems, etc.

Industrialized Construction

BIM Technology and Intelligent Construction, Architectural Design and Structure, Prefabricated Concrete Component Generation Equipment and Accessories, Low-carbon New Materials, etc.