Dentwiton & Shupai Illuminate the Future of Indoor Air Quality Equipment

In a dynamic exploration of consumer demands and brand innovation, the Shihuantong Corporate Study Tour unfolded its latest chapter against the enchanting backdrop of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on December 14. This voyage, deeply rooted in the Yangtze River Delta region, brought together a vibrant cohort of over 20 participants, including end-users, dealers, manufacturers, designers, and installation companies. At the heart of this corporate odyssey were Zhejiang Dentwiton and Hangzhou Shupai, two trailblazing entities shaping the future of home environments.

Dentwiton: Mastering the Art of Intelligent Living

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Dentwiton stands tall as an intelligent manufacturer specializing in high-end home environment systems. From central air conditioning and floor heating to air purification and dehumidification ventilation, Dentwiton’s smart 3 constant + system is meticulously crafted for mid-to-high-end domestic spaces. Its forte lies in robust technical prowess, particularly in seamlessly integrating health and comfort systems. The company is unwavering in its commitment to technological leadership in processing mid-to-high-end home environment systems.

During the study tour, Mr. Zhu Yinghua, the visionary CEO of Dentwiton, unveiled the intricacies of the company’s bespoke solutions. These solutions, tailored for specific locations, address the challenge of multi-system integration, ensuring a harmonious coordination of systems. Mr. Zhu emphasized a new heating benchmark—flawless heating without gas reliance, a feat achieved by Dentwiton’s innovative hot water heat pump, free from electric auxiliary heating.

For Dentwiton, the evolution of air conditioning transcends temperature control, embracing multi-dimensional requirements for home environment systems. The company’s brand culture revolves around creating a better life through technological upgrades, continuous R&D, adherence to green principles, and a dedication to the “dual carbon” goal.

Shupai: Forging a Path to Purity in Indoor Air Quality

Established in 2014, Hangzhou Shupai emerges as a high-tech environmental protection enterprise committed to tackling indoor air quality challenges. Collaborating with Japan’s Mugen, Shupai introduces advanced photocatalyst products and technologies to combat indoor air pollution comprehensively. The company’s vision is clear: to create a healthy and inviting breathing environment for businesses and families alike.

Shupai’s product arsenal, featuring aldehyde removal agents, Philbold purifiers, ventilation systems, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, caters to diverse needs across various terminal scenarios. Led by project manager Liang Feng, the study tour team immersed themselves in Shupai’s 5A-level technology exhibition hall, gaining insights into the company’s development history and the current trends in its product offerings.

Highlighting Shupai’s corporate culture, Mr. Zhao, the project director, emphasized the 5A-level development concept—making the air harmless, cleaner, more oxygenated, tasteful, and nutritious. The study tour extended to Shupai’s provincial R&D center, offering a glimpse into the production factory and the robust team of over 700 professionals.

As a vanguard in the industry, Shupai has etched its name in prestigious projects, including contributions to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Hangzhou Asian Games, G20 Summit, and more. The study tour crescendoed with Shupai gifting each team member a thoughtful souvenir, symbolizing a collaborative future dedicated to advancing the cause of healthy breathing.

Looking Ahead to Airventec 2024: A Breath of Innovation

As we absorb the insights from Dentwiton and Shupai, the stage is set for Airventec 2024, a trade show poised to revolutionize ventilation, smart home, and air quality equipment. The revelations from this corporate study tour pave the way for a future where innovation takes center stage, transforming our homes into havens of comfort, health, and sustainability. Join us at Airventec 2024, on June 3-5, 2024, at the National Exhibition & Convention Center!